our goal is to be an outfitter that supplies 100% recycled and organic clothing. We have found a sustainable way to re-purpose and appreciate something that would otherwise go to waste. As a company we strive to do our best to respect the planet and our community. We provide ethically and socially-responsible garments and choose natural ingredients.

All of our printing and packaging is done locally. Our vision is to keep our National Parks clean, safe and enjoyable for generations to come! That is why Arkane is proud to have a percentage of our Sales be donated directly to Canadian National Parks.

We love our outdoor playground and want to keep it AWESOME!


Arkane Apparel knows it is important to be comfortable in your outerwear, but why not add apparel with impact to your wardrobe. We are proud to supply clothing that has a positive environmental impact. We work hard to reduce our carbon footprint so you can enjoy great outwear made from recycled material. A majority of our gear is made from 8 recycled plastic bottles and upcycled cotton from old and worn-out clothing. As we strive to become fully recycled we also reduce our impact in many other ways! 

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